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Why Become a Vegetarian?

Why Become a Vegetarian?

Why Become a Vegetarian?

Before 1 November declared as Vegan World Day before Joseph Brotherton comes with an idea about ‘vegetarian’ word, long long time ago people who don’t eat meat called ‘Pythagorean’. What is that? Why don’t people eat meat and become vegetarian or Pythagorean? They have many reasons. Some of them thinking people that kill an animal, eat their meat, and pleased with that is an evil with no mercy for the poor animals.

Vegetarian For Healthy Body

The other has some health problem like heart cholesterol which is probably can’t pass 2016 if they keep consumed pork. Several of them forbid by their religion like we can take Advent or Jainism for example. Some even said that keep consuming veggie make farmer have a better life and then they will keep planting and the earth becomes green and its help for global warming. Yeah, everyone has their own reason. What’s yours?

Ok, if it’s like because of religion, or health, let’s not talk about that. It’s like crucial and absolute, but what about the other reason? No mercy for the animals? Hmm, fair enough. We kill them, after that cook and eat them, its sound evil. But think about it, it’s their fate.  And besides, butchers have their method to reduce the pain during slaughter.  Vegetarian have a big role in reducing global warming.  Well, good intention, hard to say.

What’s your reason? You still don’t know? None all of them above?  Then think about this: “In this world, all stuff, if it’s too much, no good on them. Even if it’s eating veggie.” You eat all green and fresh stuff, less cholesterol and fat, become slim etc. But somehow, your body still needs protein. Yeah, tofu and tempeh have a lot of proteins. But your body needs a lot more. So, some vegetarian begins to take protein pills.  What do you think about that? Is vegetarian still pure healthier than carnivore?

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