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Wedding Photography Pose Ideas

wedding photography

wedding photographyNeed some inspiration about your wedding photography pose for the very next day? How about such unique and creative one that you might never think before? Whatever the choice will be, choosing the best pose can bring an image from usual to wonderful. If you need inspirations for your wedding photos, here are some pose ideas for couples that you can consider.

Unique Wedding Photography Pose Ideas

The first one is a pose in which you and your partner lying on the grass with closed eyes. Put your heads side by side while you and your partner facing opposite direction. It will be such sweet photo that will turn beautiful in your wedding album. The second one is a pose of your first dance together. Of course, you will dance with your partner in the ceremony, but taking a moment of your dancing practice with your partner will be another great pose for wedding photography. The third one is a romantic pose with couples. Hold hands with your partner in a field or a vacant room will create such a great photo. Ask your photographer to take it in a wide-angle shot to make it more dramatic.

The next one is a hand kiss pose. If you are seeking for a photo result that is like a fairytale story, try this hand kiss pose. A photo with a groom kisses his bride’s hand while she brings a bouquet of the flower will be a very sweet photo ever. Then, you can also take a picture while you and your partner walking hand in hand. It must be great if the location is on the sea shore, but you can also take such a pose in the street. Now, your photo album will turn into something great as you follow these wedding photography pose ideas

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