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Things to Study with Sasol Bursaries

Transnet Bursaries

Transnet BursariesSome students may be familiar with Sasol bursaries especially those who live in South Africa. Basically, it is a scholarship program which is designed for students who are not capable of completing payment. However, it is quite different from regular scholarship because students, after finishing the study, need to work for some time in Sasol depending on the degree taken. Typically, they will be hired by a contract of two or three-year term. Sasol bursaries have such regulation because they want to ensure the students get the work and certificate for advancing to another job field. Once getting involved in the bursaries, students will learn several things.

Field of Study of Sasol Bursaries

There are some subjects that students can pick for Sasol bursaries. Indeed, the subjects are limited because the company does not need all degrees because Sasol is a company that is focused on energy and chemistry. Therefore, the subjects are related to science particularly chemistry and general science. In addition to chemistry, there are also some mechanical engineering and geology which are quite really needed for the continuity of the company. It is no wonder because Sasol wants creative people who can research in a more efficient way of extracting oil and reproducing it at the larger scale. That is to say also that mining, electronic, mechatronic, and computer degrees are also sought for completing all tasks that Sasol do as the massive company.

Even though there seems no opportunity for social science people, there is actually one. A Civil engineering degree is one of the closest among all because students are required to make something valuable for citizens with their engineering skills. Sasol bursaries are only available for those degrees. That means, students who are not interested in the subjects are better to learn a way for the subject or change to another bursary provided by another company.

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