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What Energy Drink Does

Health tipsSome people, when tired, tend to utilize drinks that they believe powerful to sooth the exhaustion. The sweet drink, combined with icy cold feeling in your throat really makes you free from the current fatigue. However, it is only an illusion because of this kind of drink, known as an energy drink, only gives temporary stimulus for your body. Unfortunately, many people do not know the danger of this energy drink especially if consumed in high amount in a frequent manner. The worst-case scenario that can happen is kidney failure because the kidneys cannot process the substance coming along with the drink. It is one of the main issues why energy drinks are not really recommended for your body. However, it comes with other disadvantages.

One thing that you should note is that energy drink is filled with sugar, in a rather concerning amount. It is measured in 50 grams of sugar, but it can be represented with 13 spoonsful of sugar. From this point forward, it is worth to imagining you’re taking such great amount of sugar every time you drink an energy drink. Indeed, it is truly creepy, but it is not all about it. Excessive sugar that you do consume should be balanced with the fatigue that you experience. Typically, energy drinks are suitable for those with high-intensity workers. That is true since they need glucose supply for the work. However, if this drink is consumed by ordinary people, it can ruin them because of excessive glucose levels.

Even though energy drink has a destructive side effect, it does not mean you must avoid that forever. It is okay to take energy drink in moderate as it helps your body to go beyond the limit. I’d used properly, energy drink gives not only energy but also power. Thus, need to be wise in consuming this drink.

Effective Drinking Water Makes You Healthy

Health tipsMost people know that drinking water or fresh water (H2O) is good and healthy for your body. However, some of them do not know how to drink water that will effectively improve the body health. Some people only know that drinking water in much amount will make them healthier; however, it is not. Actually, it is not totally wrong based on what individual needs. So, here you will know the common rule of drinking water to make you always healthy as you wish. Let see the explanations below.

The best time or the ideal time to drink much water is actually in the morning after you wake up. You should drink 2 glasses of water every morning to help activates your internal organs. Then, the best time after that, you should drink one glass of water before you eat or take a meal. It will help the digestion works well. Then, you should drink one glass of water as well before you take a bath, why? Because the water will help lower your blood pressure. Last, the best time for you to drink water is before going to bed. You should drink one glass of water before sleep to avoid heart attack and stroke in your sleep.

See? Drinking water is really important even more important than dinner. If you see dinner will make your stomach quiet the whole night, you should know that water will make you safe not only the whole night but the whole body if you drink it every day. Better you do not skip the water to gain more healthy body now and in the future. You only have one body and no more. That is all the tips of drinking water every day for you and people near you. Hope the tips will be useful and helpful.

Strawberry’s Benefits

Health tipsThe taste is sour. However, this fruit is very famous and many people like it very much. Strawberry can be used for jam, garnish, cake, candy and much more. It is also fresh fruit. Strawberry contains a lot of benefits so many people love this red and small fruit. In addition, many people believe that strawberry can whiten our teeth and cure acnes. Thus, what are the nutrients in strawberry?

  1. Strawberry contains vitamin

Strawberry is rich in vitamins that are beneficial for the body. Vitamin C in strawberry is natural antioxidants that kill free radicals and infections. Vitamin C also enhances the immune system and lowers blood pressure. The combination of vitamin C, folic acid, and flavonoids can provide protection to the body against various cancers. In addition, vitamin B complex in strawberries helps the body digest and process a variety of nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Strawberry contains vitamins A and E. The combination of vitamins A and E, flavonoids can kill radicals that can trigger a variety of diseases and premature aging. Moreover, vitamin K plays a role in the process of strengthening of bones.

  1. Mineral

Strawberry contains the mineral. Manganese in the mineral can control blood pressure and heart work. Manganese also serves in the process of bone formation and maintains the bone structure.

  1. Fiber

Strawberry contains low calories, but it has high fiber that is easily absorbed. It can ease the digestive system, lowers blood pressure, and curb appetite. Strawberry is good to lose weight.

  1. Antioxidants

Strawberry also contains antioxidants which can kill free radicals. Phenols can prevent from various inflammations in the body, such as osteoarthritis and asthma. Anthocyanins also can prevent cancer, inflammation, and nerve pain.

Those are the benefits of strawberry. To feel the benefit, you can consume the strawberry regularly. You can also make strawberry as cake and juice. The taste will be more delicious.

What You Drink Affects Your Health

Health tipsThe drink is something that rarely being talked about. It is not because the less importance it is, but because it is covered by the domination of food as the main reason people are healthy or not. Actually, the beverage you drink every day also has the big impact on your health, but only some people consider it as the important thing to think about. The fact that beverage affects your heath should warn you that you have to think about what you drink starting from now. So, here you will find some of the important things that you need to know about what you drink daily.

The first thing you need to know is that water dominates your body. Your body is 90% water and the rest of your body are some parts of the body that need the water itself. From that fact, it can be summarized that the water you drink will be who you are. You drink alcohol, your body is filled with alcohol, and it is not good because it will cause some problems with your organs like liver and kidneys. The next thing is that you will feel a lot better if you get enough water intake.

Again, it is because this thing dominates your body, so you should get enough of this for your body health. Without getting enough of it, it will lead you into something bad for your health and dehydration. Dehydration can be a big thing that really bad for your health. Starting from feeling tired all the time, lose focus, unconscious, and the worst effect of it is the death because your body organs need water to operate properly. That is why you should get enough water every day. Just drink 8 to 9 glasses of water every day and not consuming alcohol and other beverage will make your body stays healthy and you can enjoy the effect in your life.

How to Change Your Eating Habits

Health TipsHave you found out that your habits on eating right now do not match any healthy eating habits? Then, you may want to change your eating habits into something healthier. Well, it must be quite challenging since it has been your habit for such long time. However, it does not mean that you are impossible to do so. Here are some tricks that you can follow when you want to beat your unhealthy eating habits.

First of all, you can begin with cutting your intake on sugar and starch gradually. It will be difficult if you directly cut the amount of sugar and starch on your food. You should do it gradually so that you can be more usual with your new eating habits. The point is to start small but persistent on the rule, so you can build your healthy habit later on.

Second is removing guilt by creating a cheat day. If you like any kind of food that is considered to be unhealthy, you can eat the food sometimes since letting yourself eat the food once in a week will not kill you. For the first time it might be difficult for you, but as you go on with your new habit, you will be okay without your unhealthy favorite food.

Third, you can use a mint to control your portion. If your last eating habit let you overeat, you can try having a mint to lower your tendency in overeating. The strong scent of a mint here will naturally help you to suppress appetite. The last but not least, make having breakfast as your regular habit. If you have a tendency to overeat, try to have breakfast regularly to suppress your hunger at noon. That’s all some of the ways that you can do to change your eating habits.

When Do We Have to Wash Our Stuff

Health tipsIt is much often found in women’s life about the things that need to be cleaned and it keeps the condition at its best. Therefore, there are some tips to get rid of these doubts because we sometimes forget when to wash our stuff. The importance of this thing is to ensure that our body are not injected by some viruses that are contained by some stuff that we used in our life. For example, the dust in our window. We must clean it at least twice in a month because the dirt that is there are carried out by the wind that is coming through the window.

The cleanliness of our stuff is also there for our bed cover. Because sometimes we sleep there without taking a bath or just do that without a clean body. Therefore, the cleanliness of this stuff is important. If the cleanliness is not maintained, we could get some diseases such as germ and any other skin related problem. then, we must wash it at least once in two weeks to make it cleaned from the dirt and any other bacteria. The bacteria could grow into something bigger that could threaten our health when we sleep.

The other thing is about the pillow that we use for sleeping. We need to wash it for at least once in 3 to 6 months. This is to keep the bacteria off the pillow to prevent the diseases in our head or some skin that is contacted directly to our body. As we know that the bacteria could decrease the amount of epidermis that we have, moreover when we try to sleep in the noon or afternoon. It is much greater when you do not take care about this cleanliness. It is easy if you know when to wash each of your stuff.

Easy Tips to Maintain Your Lungs Health

Health tipsA lung is one of the most vital organs of the human body. It is important for respiration needs. If your lungs are in problem your respirations process will certainly get a trouble. The lungs problems often end in death. Lungs maybe aren’t taken care so much by most of the people, against which heart or liver. The lungs health rarely complains. Nonetheless, it is still important for your life. Pay attention to these following tips so you are able to maintain your lungs health. Some people are possibly seldom to hear about the way to maintain their lungs as well as ignore it.

Maintaining lungs health is actually really related to your daily life. In your daily life, you will certainly find out so many disturbing things for your lungs health, such as cigarette smoke, industrial pollution, vehicles, and so on. Those are the worst enemy of your lungs health so you have to be able to stay away from those things. Unhealthy air mostly contains poisonous substances and toxic, which will be very dangerous if it is inhaled into the lungs.  That toxics and poisons will remain and accumulates inside the lungs and lead to another health problem. It will be so bothersome problems.

In addition to avoiding a toxic and poison or unhealthy air, you are also having to do a routine workout or exercise. Routine workout and exercise will make your lungs health; it helps to regulate your respiration process. This will reduce the risk of lungs problems. Besides, stress will have an effect on your lungs health. So, relax, release your stress. It is able to keep your lungs fit and healthy. What do you think? It is easy to maintain your lungs health, isn’t it? Do not ignore your lungs health. It is because unhealthy lungs could bring on serious effect.

How to Cure Toothache? Find the Answer Here

Health tipsA toothache is a common condition which you may have experienced. For you who have got a toothache, indeed you cannot do anything well. It is caused by your focus will be disturbed. That is why you need to know the best treatment for a toothache. By doing the treatment, you can cure your toothache actually. Thus, for you who are curious about those best treatments, now you do not need to worry anymore because you can find all the explanation relating to this matter in the following paragraphs.

  1. Taking a painkiller

The first thing which you can do is that taking a painkiller. Because a toothache will be so pain, so that is why you need to take the painkiller. With this painkiller, you will get a better condition. You can get the painkiller in pharmacy or maybe by the recipe from the dentist.

  1. Cleaning your teeth

For another treatment that you have to do is cleaning your teeth. As it is known that a toothache can be caused by your dirty teeth. That is why by cleaning your teeth somehow it helps you to cure your toothache.

  1. Applying a cold compress

Then, to avoid a worse inflammation, you just apply the cold compress in the area where you get a toothache. Even though it will not cure a toothache totally, but it still can help you to get a better condition. By doing it, you are allowed to do your activity again.

  1. Using salt rinse

After that, the other thing which you should do in curing your toothache is using the salt rinse. In this case, it will help your mouth to be clean. In another word, the salt can kill the bacteria’s in your mouth that causes a toothache.

Thus, those are the treatment which you can do in curing your toothache. If your condition is worse, what you should do next is seeing the dentist.

Some Nice Health Tips for People with Asthma

Health tipsAsthma is something that many people have in their life, since this kind of illness is not the kind of scary illness anymore. If you have the asthma, then you will need to try some of these health tips to make sure that you can get rid of the asthma. At least, you can make sure that your asthma will never bother you while you are doing some activities that you should not miss.

Health Tips to Recover Your Asthma

The first tip that you can try is to make sure that you are leaving the reasons of your asthma behind. For your information, many people with asthma will get their asthma back if they meet some certain condition. For example, some will get their asthma when they are tired while some others will get their asthma when they are surrounded by many people. Make sure you get out of the condition that can give you the asthma back. The second is trying to live on the better and cleaner environment. The health tips can be considered as the best since asthma is a kind of illness related with your respiratory system. That means, the better, cleaner, and fresher air will surely give you the smaller chance of getting the asthma back. Avoiding the city life for a week or so will be good for your health.

The last tip that you can try is to get some foods that are believed to get rid of your asthma. You might want to know that in some countries, especially in the Asian region, many people believed that there is a kind of lizard that can cure your asthma. However, the health tips of eating that kind of animal is just the belief of those people in those regions. So, will you do those tips above to get rid of your asthma?

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