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Some Reasons in Using an Account in

gmail.comDo you know about Gmail? Yes, it is actually the biggest email service provider in this recent day. You can prove it by the amount of the users which can be more than million people. Founded by Paul Buchheit, you have found the best one. Thus, actually has become one of the best for you who are very close with email which means that your activities cannot be separated with it. In addition, why you should choose it? You can get all the information below.

Reasons in Using an Account in

Actually, there are several reasons you should know when you use the account in To begin with, you can get the best safety in this email service provider. In another word, it will maintain all of your personal information in order not to be known by others. Besides, the next reason why you should choose Gmail account is you can get the easiness in using it. It is proven when you create your account and also when you use it in some platforms like in PC and smartphones. After that, you can get a big storage which is up to 15 GB. Actually, it is bigger rather than another email service provider.

Moreover, in sending your documents, you can send them up to 10 GB. Thus, you do not need to send it in many times. Only with one message, you have sent all the documents you want to. It is enough when it is compared to others. Next, the reason why you must choose Gmail is that the customizable theme there. You are allowed to change the color or the background of your email as beautiful as possible. Last, you can switch your account easily without you log out the another account in

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