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Parkinson Disease Facts

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Health lifeIn this recent day, there are many diseases which all people should know well. By knowing about those diseases, indeed they will get a better knowledge about those diseases and then know how to face it. One of the diseases which you should know is Parkinson. You may have heard about it, haven’t you? It is actually the disease that nowadays many old people suffered. Called as “shaking palsy”, Parkinson is actually the disease which usually attacks old people having more than 60 years old. That is why it is the uncommon thing that the young people get this kind of disease. In addition, what is Parkinson disease itself? Below is the explanation of Parkinson facts for you.

In this case, Parkinson itself is actually a neuro degenerate disorder which can affect the motorik function of the sufferers. Here, the sufferers will get the brain damage which then causes the sufferers cannot do the movement of normal people. For the cause of the disease itself are various. There are some causes like the lack of dopamine substance, genetic factor and also the environmental factors. Dopamine itself is the substance which helps the brain to do its job in controlling the motorik system. That is why, when someone lack of this substance, there will be the problem in their motorik system. Thus, with those various factors of Parkinson indeed make you should be aware of this disease.

After that, there are several symptoms of Parkinson that are primary and secondary one. In the primary symptoms, it is the problem in the motorik system of the sufferers. The symptoms here are such as tremor, impaired balance, slowness, and stiffness. Meanwhile, in the secondary one, it can be about psychological condition of the sufferers. In this case, the secondary symptoms include depression, stress, and anxiety.

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