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Nutrion Facts Nutritional Value on the Cow Milk

nutrition facts

nutrition factsWell, who doesn’t know about milk especially the cow one. This kind of drink already knew for centuries as the good drink that very healthy and good for the body. Today we will talk about the amazing nutrion facts nutritional value that contains the cow milk. So, if you are one of milk lovers, you need to read this article, because after reading this article, you will be falling in love once again with milk which is can be the good thing for you. Well, let’s talk about the things that you should know about the nutrition that contains the cow milk.

Nutrion Facts Nutritional Value That Contain in The Milk

Everybody loves milk and that make this kind of drink be one of the greatest drink ever and milk also can make the body healthier and also good to fight the toxic inside your body. Fresh pure milk contains about 31% of Vitamin D for your daily live. Fresh pure milk also contains 149 calories with details 7.9 Fat, 7.7 Protein and about 11.7 carbohydrate free fibers. Calcium in the fresh pure cow milks its 276 mg and 8% vitamin A for daily life. That nutrion facts nutritional value that you can find in the cow milk. Amazing right? Consume this kind of drink, will make your body can stay healthy and of course it will make you can live longer.

Well, for you who really love milk, of course, this article will make you love milk even more. Well, for you who don’t like this kind of drink, you need to rethink again about drinking milk, because this can be the good drink for you that can fill your daily live vitamin that your body needs. Well, that’s a little information about nutrion facts nutritional value that you will find in the milk.

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