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How to Make Your Bone Healthy

Health life

Health lifeThere are bones that exist in a human body for about 206 parts. Most of the bones are consist of collagen and some crystals. Bone also contain water and mineral. The bones are very important part of our body as it is the structure of our body. We can stand in a good way or walk through several places or even just sit properly with the only good condition of bones in our senior age. Most of the people lose their bone mass as they are aging. The bones releasing calcium that makes their power decreased. That is why you need to understand how to maintain our bones to be strong as we age.

Healthy Bone for Healthy Life

First, you must obtain calcium and also vitamin D. Calcium is the substance to build the bone and vitamin D will strengthen your body to absorb the calcium. There are a lot of food that could contain calcium such as milk and another dairy product. The other sources of calcium could be a vegetable and some fruit. You must, in one day, fulfill your need about vegetable from those sources of calcium. If you are failing to prepare your body to absorb that calcium, you will keep losing calcium each day that could make your bone weaker.

Second, you must avoid some food that has already high processed. This is the food that has so many processing steps until it is served. These foods might have lost most of its nutrient because the process of making the food could decrease the nutrients. That is why the food could be much better if it is still natural. Third, you must plan for regular exercise. This is because bones are living tissue in our body similar with muscles which respond to an exercise. Do not forget to keep the balance life with those three step to make your bone healthy.

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