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Knowing the Importance of Vitamins for Your Health

Health care

Health careVitamins take part of an important role in maintaining the health of our bodies. There are several types of vitamins that are good for our body system, namely vitamin A, B, C, D, E, and K. The vitamin is also very important function as an agent to accelerate the healing process, improving and maintaining physical fitness and slow the aging process. If you want to stay young, then you should keep sufficient vitamin intake and supported by a healthy lifestyle. For teenagers and children, vitamin function is very important to the process of growth and build up the immune system. The existence of vitamins for our bodies is important. In fact, the vitamin is not only required by humans alone, animals also need vitamins for their body.

Some Types of Vitamins and Their Benefits

The benefits of each type of vitamins in foods is different. Each vitamin has a function of each is certainly much needed by our bodies. There’s a good vitamin to keep the body fresh, to strengthen the immune system, and preventing fatigue. Vitamin A is also called retinol. The function of vitamin A is to maintain eyesight, prevent and cure myopia, also maintain the mucous membranes layer inside of the body. Vitamin B is very good to accelerate the growth of children, strengthen bones and teeth, boost immunity, preventing the virus that will attack your bodies. And the well-known benefits of vitamin B which is to prevent the beriberi disease.

And then the Vitamins are often consumed by us is Vitamin C. This vitamin is also known by Ascorbic Acid. The function of vitamin C, as a shaper and holder of collagen ( a protein which is essential to strengthen the position of the body’s cells), accelerate the process of wound healing, strengthens bones and teeth, accelerate metabolic processes, as well as being an excellent antioxidant to counteract bad free radicals. Then Vitamin D which has the main function as a destructor and killer all sorts of viruses and bacteria that harm the body. The function of vitamin D also can give strength to the body against disease. Vitamin D is also very important to accelerate the process of growth of bones and teeth and keep it out from fragility.

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