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Don’t Eat Before Sleep If You Want to Live Longer

Don't Eat Before Sleep If You Want to Live Longer

Don't Eat Before Sleep If You Want to Live Longer

Eat is the basic need of human being. But you have to know there is a time that you are advisable not to eat. Before you sleep is the bad time to eat. Here the reason why you cannot eat right before going to bed.  The bad effect of eating before you sleep is the increasing of weight drastically. You have to remember that every kind of food contains calorie that needed by your body to get some energy to do the activity. But what happen to the calorie that comes to your body but it is not changed to energy because there is no activity? That calorie will dim in your body and turn into bad fat that makes your weight increase. Another bad effect because of the fat that dimmed in your body is diabetes and heart attack.

Sleep Well And Eat Well

So if you are the person who has habit eating before sleeping, you have to get ready to get diabetes or heart attack. Eating before sleeping not only increasing your weight and make you get illness but also it bothers your sleep quality. Calorie that you get from the food is the fuel for your body that makes your body stay awake.

The calorie in your body has a duty to give a stimulus to do a work or activities, not for sleep. So, eating before sleeping makes you hard to fall asleep and hard to wake up in the next morning.

So if you want to keep your body healthy, don’t try to eat before sleep. Besides that, eat before you sleep can cause the obesity of your body, obesity is one of the dangerous diseases on the human body, it makes you can feel heavy to stir your body. Obesity causes the accumulation of fat in the body becomes uncontrolled ad leading the function of human organ body to be disturbed. And because of that, your life cannot stand for a long time.

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