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How to Change Your Eating Habits

Health Tips

Health TipsHave you found out that your habits on eating right now do not match any healthy eating habits? Then, you may want to change your eating habits into something healthier. Well, it must be quite challenging since it has been your habit for such long time. However, it does not mean that you are impossible to do so. Here are some tricks that you can follow when you want to beat your unhealthy eating habits.

First of all, you can begin with cutting your intake on sugar and starch gradually. It will be difficult if you directly cut the amount of sugar and starch on your food. You should do it gradually so that you can be more usual with your new eating habits. The point is to start small but persistent on the rule, so you can build your healthy habit later on.

Second is removing guilt by creating a cheat day. If you like any kind of food that is considered to be unhealthy, you can eat the food sometimes since letting yourself eat the food once in a week will not kill you. For the first time it might be difficult for you, but as you go on with your new habit, you will be okay without your unhealthy favorite food.

Third, you can use a mint to control your portion. If your last eating habit let you overeat, you can try having a mint to lower your tendency in overeating. The strong scent of a mint here will naturally help you to suppress appetite. The last but not least, make having breakfast as your regular habit. If you have a tendency to overeat, try to have breakfast regularly to suppress your hunger at noon. That’s all some of the ways that you can do to change your eating habits.

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