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Car Review of 2016 Ford Mustang GT


AlldiscoverThe 2016 Ford Mustang GT continues to be a different trademark of the modern car which categorized as a muscle car with genuine crossover appeal. The car is usually set with the standard of crudeness. But, this year mustang GT come with a better refinement to make premium brands of the car to be noticed by the buyer. This car is not a luxury car even if that the Mustang has become the fun-loving standard of car, however, if you are trying to buy the other brand, you might have to consider harder related with this car because it is beautiful and powerful at the same time.

Ford Mustang GT Has Improved Its Technology Front

The mechanical composition of the car is not really changed from the previous series of the car. The engine and also the other part of the car is still similar to the previous version because the performance is still maintained with an improved character this year. But, there is a significant improvement in the front technology. The MyFord Touch Infotainment system is no longer optional in this year version of the car and the touch screen is simplified as Sync 3 that give you a swipe finger command and smartphone-like pinch which make you easier in using the tools.

Despite all of its features, there are still remaining things that might be fixed by the manufacturer in the next version. The backseat of the car is so small that make you as an adult not really comfortable to sit behind. And the performance of the car when it is used on uneven surfaces is also not really good. The ride is quite bouncy for some reason when the car passes several terrains. Then, The Mustang GT 2016 is still a favorable option as it could give you a strong look with a better brand that will make you confident. Then, you can get more information related to the car in

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