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Available Learnerships 2017: Who are the Participants?

Latest Learnerships 2017

Latest Learnerships 2017Learnerships are structured learning programs offered for those who want to have both practical knowledge and practical skills in the fields of work. There are available learnerships 2017 which are offered by providers in South Africa, and you could access the information easily on the internet. Furthermore, learnerships are not time-based programs, but it is outcome-based programs which emphasize on the goal achievement of the learners by the end of the learning process. Learnerships which are under SETA management have been organized based on legal agreement among the employer, the learner, and the training provider. Thus, who are allowed to take part in these useful programs?

Those Who Are Allowed To Join Available Learnerships 2017

Learnerships are open for young people who have graduated from their school, college, or some learning at their institutes. Moreover, 16 years old is the minimum age to enter available learnerships 2017, and 35 years old is the maximum age. Besides, the unemployed South Africans are able to apply the learnerships as long as there is an employer who has been prepared for providing the qualified work experience. After all, for those who want to apply learnerships must learn first the basic knowledge of these programs. The main point is before you decide to apply, you must identify first which learnership sector that suits your needs and goals, thus your career will be better then.

You should also learn the terms and conditions that are determined by each learnership because different learnership has different requirement. Therefore, you should read carefully the whole requirements if those are written in the provider’s website, but if the descriptions are not clear, it is better for you to contact the provider of learnership. The more detailed information will be better, and you have to get them as soon as possible in order that you have much time to prepare the requirements. If you have been eligible for applying the programs, you may visit available learnerships 2017 for further information.

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