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beets nutrition facts

beets nutrition factsWhat do you know about healthy food? Yes, it is the food which is very recommended as your daily menu. Then, one of the best food you can choose is beet. You know about beet, don’t you? With the beets nutrition here, indeed you will get much great information about the nutrition in this purple vegetable. Moreover, in order that you will not be curious about this information, it is better for you to read all of the explanation as in the paragraphs below.

Find the Beets Nutrition Here

As it is known that according to the research, beet or beetroot is one of the best vegetables that you can choose from your menu. Why? It is caused by the beets nutrition here. To begin with, there will be a vitamin in this vegetable. In this case, beet is the best source of both vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin A has a function for your eye while vitamin C will be good to increase your immune system. Then, not only the vitamins, beet also has the other great nutritious. Do you want to know about those nutritious? You can find all of the explanation below.

In this case, you will find several great nutrition like phytonutrient, folate, and magnesium. Phytonutrient can help you to reduce tumor, to detox body and to avoid liver disease. Meanwhile, folate will be good for stroke and cardiovascular disease. Then, magnesium is nice in controlling blood sugar. After that, you also will get carotenoid, flavonoid, potassium, iron and manganese. All of them has its best function to make your body healthier. Here, you can prevent some disease such as anemia, heart disease, kidney illness and diabetes. That is why it is a good idea for you to choose beet as your daily menus because of its beets nutrition.

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